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Policies and Guidelines

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Exchange and Returns

We hope you LOVE your purchase. However, we know sometimes items don't fit and an exchange is necessary. Items are eligible for exchange if we have the item in stock. Purchases are available for return for store credit. Must be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Shipping, Pick-Up, and Delivery

Items will ship within 48-72 hours of payment being received for order. For pickup, items will be placed in one of our BBL pickup bins within 48-72 hours for you. If we do not have the item in stock, normal turn around time is 5-7 business days. For delivery, we try our best to have it to you within 48-72 hours. Unfortunately, there are times when this is not feasible with our schedules. We appreciate your patience.

Blooming Boutique Life's Loyalty Customer Rewards Program

How To Earn Points for BBL's Reward Program

  • Get 1 point for every $1 you spend at BBL $1 = 1 pt.
  • Get 25 points for posting a picture of yourself in your new BBL attire.
  • Get 50 points for following us on Instagram
  • Get 75 points for each invite accepted by your friends and family to our V.I.P. page.
  • Get 100 points for subscribing to our email list (I know how annoying that can be but honestly, it's really just for receiving information and ability to redeem your reward points.
  • Get 200 points for signing up for an account with Shopify on our website.
  • Get 300 Points for referring a friend to our website and they sign up for a shopify account via our website.

Calculation of Using Your Loyal Customer Rewards Points

Redeeming Points on BBL's Reward Program

  • 650 pts. = $30 off entire purchase
  • 600 pts. = Buy one item, get another item 50% off (lesser $ item will receive % off)
  • 550 pts. = $28 off entire purchase
  • 500 pts. = Free Shipping or $25 off entire purchase
  • 450 pts. = $23 off entire purchase
  • 400 pts. = $20.00 off entire purchase
  • 350 pts. = $18 off entire purchase
  • 300 pts. = $15 off entire purchase
  • 250 pts. = $13 off entire purchase
  • 200 pts. = $10 off entire purchase
  • 150 pts. = $8 off entire purchase
  • 100 pts. = $5 off entire purchase